May. 20th, 2010

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Steve arrived home yesterday after a week in Hawaii.

I wanted to give him a break from cooking, so I made a crockpot of beefstew. I have majorly undersalted most things in the crockpot, and I didn't want to make the same mistake. Well, I oversalted it.

I tried adding raw potatoes. No. I added more water. And more water. And more water. Nope. Inedible.

I've nothing else in the house to give Steve for dinner. Oops.

The "stew" was too watery to throw in the compost, so I dumped it down the garbage disposal. That seemed to be fine. Until I ran a bunch of water later. Water poured out of the washing machine output pipe and backed up into the sink. Oops.

I couldn't fix it. Notified the landlord. I'm guessing Steve will be stuck with a plumber today.

Welcome home, honey!
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Due to my income level, last year I qualified for the ADAP program, which paid about $1000 of my out-of-pocket medication co-pays.

Today I figured out that this year, my Federal income is about $600 over the limit to qualify for ADAP. Over $5500 of my "income" is the Federal penalty for being gay. It's the imputed income for spousal insurance. My straight married co-workers don't have that.

Crap. Yet another thousand bucks I don't have.


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