Jun. 14th, 2010

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I'm frequently awed by acts of generosity. I've previously mentioned my admiration for those who are sexually generous, but lately I've noticed other types of generous gestures.

A couple weeks ago, there was a girl carrying a large (huge) ceramic pot in front of Starbears. She tripped, and the pot smashed to the pavement. I saw a man (who didn't know her) take her back to Cliff's, and he bought her a replacement pot (which probably would have been a big expense to the young woman). Paying for the item was generous, but I think the gesture was even more so.

I have one neighbor who generously contributes his time to gardening in the community greenway. He often spends several hours each week on the project. Most people in the area have no clue as to who is making the neighborhood a better place.

I have some neighbors who have grown an incredible garden on their (landlord's) corner lot. Besides flowers, they have lots of herbs. They put out scissors so that neighbors can make cuttings as they need.

I saw a friend playing "Words with Friends" on his iPhone. He was deliberately trying to come up with low-scoring words so that his opponent would have a chance to win. (His opponent was someone who is pretty as a peacock, and nearly as smart.) The generosity was even more amazing when I saw the opponent come by and gloat about winning.

I see other people who are generous with compliments, with a smile, with a listening ear.

Anyhow, thanks for being generous in your own way.


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