Mar. 18th, 2010

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I made 5 calls to one insurance company this morning on the same item.

On two of the calls, the reps told me that the patient's coverage expired last year. They looked up the "current" account number. Turns out it was the same and is not expired. The first rep faxed me a copy of the wrong letter.

I let the 2nd rep know that I received the wrong letter. I made sure that they verified the date of the letter before sending it. They faxed me the same wrong letter.

I explained the issue to the third rep. After 5 minutes, they transferred me to a pharmacy tech. Call was dropped.

I explained the issue to the fourth rep. After 5 minutes, I had them give me the direct number for the pharmacy tech before they transferred me. Call was dropped.

I called the pharm tech directly. After 15 minutes of digging through what happened today, he explained that the call center with whom I spoke was being closed, so things are a mess. Apparently they are deliberately sabotaging claims. He was unable to provide me with the information I requested, but someone "will send it to me by the end of the day."
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For the carpet cleaning yesterday, my alarm clock was unplugged. I made sure to reset the time and alarm settings last night. I screwed up, and I woke up 30 minutes later than usual. Oops. I still made it out the door a few minutes earlier than usual to stop at Delano's before work.

I got to work and whipped a couple plates of endive with cream cheese and jalapeƱo pepper jelly for a potluck before clocking in. Yay for easy appetizers.

After work, I stopped at Starbears. My husband was there with the rest of the fellas. Another gorgeous day in SF!

Got home and Steve made dinner while I moved the furniture back upstairs. After dinner I did some Excel homework, and now just waiting for Project Runway. (Well, waiting for 15 minutes after it starts so we can TiVo through the commercials.)

Looking forward to Friday and more great weather!


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