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Just select any cell in the table and double click on the cell-border in the direction you want to go. See the gif.
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I import reports daily to Excel and apply the same filters every morning before sending it to the client.

Now I use Custom View to do this mindlessly. Once you've applied the filters you want to save (including print settings if you want), go to the View tab, then click on Custom Views in the Workbook Views section. ADD and name your view.

Next time, just go to View, Custom Views, and click SHOW.
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When you open a new workbook, Excel shows 3 worksheets by default. Most times I only use one, so I wanted to change the default.

1. Click the Office button at the upper-left corner.office_button
2. Click Excel Options button at bottom right of window.Excel_Options
3. The page opens to "Popular." In the middle section "When creating new workbooks," change "Include this many sheets" from 3 to 1.include_this_many_sheets
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I thought I knew MS Excel pretty well, having mastered pivot tables and VLOOKUP (and other assorted functions).

For the last month or so, I've been finding new tricks every single day at work. I usually just use Google to find an answer for the issue of the moment. Just like in real life.

I've been trying to keep track of the tips, but haven't found the right medium. Maybe this is it. Haven't used LJ in months, since Facebook has reduced my attention span even more.
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