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I thought I knew MS Excel pretty well, having mastered pivot tables and VLOOKUP (and other assorted functions).

For the last month or so, I've been finding new tricks every single day at work. I usually just use Google to find an answer for the issue of the moment. Just like in real life.

I've been trying to keep track of the tips, but haven't found the right medium. Maybe this is it. Haven't used LJ in months, since Facebook has reduced my attention span even more.
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Nothing to see here. Just testing something.
Don't Read more... )

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Winding down soon to Day 14, then it'll be back to work.Read more... )
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Friday, and I'm way tired of this, LOL.Read more... )
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Tonsillectomy recovery not near as bad for as others apparently.Read more... )
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Pain was a bit more aggressive today.Read more... )
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7th day and all is going fine I guess.Read more... )
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Boredom has been the worst part so far.Read more... )
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I slept a lot on Sunday.Read more... )
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Saturday was not too much different from Friday's healing.Read more... )
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Friday was an okay recovery day.Read more... )
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Just trying to document my tonsillectomy recovery. I read someone else's two-week ordeal prior to deciding, and it helped me. Feel free to ignore these posts.Read more... )


Jun. 25th, 2013 09:54 am
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I made this LJ icon years ago. Hopefully I can retire it tomorrow!

Supreme Court to announce decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 tomorrow, Wednesday June 26th at 10am EDT.

Rally in SF at Castro & Market - Harvey Milk Plaza at 6:30pm June 26th.
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Sad news. Jim Cunningham died this morning. He went by several names on here. The longest-running name that I remember is sflonestar.

Jim lived up the street from me and was one of the first people to come to my "Gary-aoke" sing-a-longs back in 2002. I'd often see him walk by my house walking his dog.

He was in Seattle just a couple weekends ago at a conference with my husband Steve.

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